"You have no idea how powerful this is!"       "100% open rate with KOYA."       "I'm convincing HR to get this product."

Retain your customers and employees with personal videos

Create personal video messages. Add a gift. Send the message within your workflow. Retain your customers and employees!

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From $5- $500, choose the gift that shows your appreciation best 

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Here’s how KOYA works

1. Upload a video message
Record a video on the fly or upload a pre-recorded video message

2. Select an optional gift
From $5- $500, choose the gift that shows your appreciation best 

3. Schedule / automate KOYAs
You can schedule KOYAs or use our integrations to automate the experience

Meet people where they are

Whether it's on the fly or scheduling your appreciation, put your best foot forward by meeting people where they are (SMS, email, or any social platform).
of employees would stay
longer at a company if their
boss were more grateful.
showing customer
appreciation can increase
retention by up to 25%
5 min
of daily gratitude can
increase long-term
well-being by 10%.
14 days
of gratitude was shown
to increase sleep quality
& reduce blood pressure.
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Add KOYA to your workflow

Bring your creativity to life and add automations by integrating your favorite tools with KOYA.

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Integrate with your favorite CRM or trigger unique automations through Google Sheets.

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Create automations to engage with your customers in a meaningful way.

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Schedule a thank you message and gift after an important meeting.

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Integrate KOYA with Salesforce and cut through the noise to reach your customers.

KOYA is worth experiencing, but don't just take our word for it...

"You have no idea how powerful this is! I just shared KOYA with my entire company."

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Alicia Correia, Product Manager

"I have received a few KOYA's and it's truly a special experience!"

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Michael Sieb, CMO of Type Studio

"I've had 100% open rate using KOYA!"

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Jordan P., Team Engineer

"[KOYA is] a new level of customer service!"

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Dmytro Krasun, Software Engineer

"KOYA super-powers my client interactions."

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Pauline Tai, Growth Marketing Manager

"An awesome engagement tool -- our customers loved our personalized video."

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Kimber, CEO of Sequense

When you care, it's felt.

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